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When you consume dark foods and beverages, tiny particles can get trapped in the microscopic pores and textures of the tooth enamel. If these stains are not removed on a regular basis, they will gradually start to penetrate deeper into your teeth. This level of staining in your smile can be very difficult to remove.

If you haven’t been satisfied with your results from consumer-grade whitening products, your dentist, Dr. Richard Mantoan, can administer a professional bleaching treatment. This is the safest and most effective way to whiten the teeth in your smile.

At the start of the bleaching treatment, your dentist will apply a special gel or a rubber dam to your gums to protect them. Once this is done, he will pour a small amount of the concentrated bleaching agent into a tray that is held in your mouth. After the dental bleaching has whitened your teeth, a special ultraviolet light might be used to eradicate stains in the minute textures of the tooth enamel.

Going forward, you need to limit your consumption of dark foods and beverages or brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. This will help you maintain your white smile between dental cleanings.

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