What Causes Bad Breath?

Have you ever had bad breath? If you have, there are a number of things you can do to cover your bad breath. You could use mouthwash or chewing gum. However, do you know what you would do if your bad breath returns regularly? In reality, recurring bad breath could be caused by a number… Read more »

Easy Ways to Suffer an Oral Accident

If you truly wish to be an oral hygiene superstar, you must take the steps necessary to protect your teeth from all threats. All the brushing and flossing in the world does not matter if you consistently put your teeth physically in harm’s way. Listed below are some risks that are often present in our… Read more »

Achieve the Smile You Desire with Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

With better advancements in technology comes better advancements in dentistry. Although procedures used for replacing or repairing a tooth were once incapable of recreating your original dental profile, thanks to cutting edge technology, your old smile can be restored or even improved. The following is a list of dental procedures that can turn your smile… Read more »

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean So It Can Keep Your Teeth Clean

If your toothbrush is not stored properly, or cleaned as required, it may not do its job properly and in fact, can even make matters worse for your teeth and gums. Because your toothbrush is often your first line of defense against bacteria, we want to make sure it is not the cause of added… Read more »

Remember Your Smile This Holiday Season

As your daily oral hygiene routine and bi-annual dental cleanings keep your smile healthy and bright all year round, you don’t want all that hard work to be derailed during the holiday busyness. To continue keeping your smile confident, you can celebrate the season mindfully by implementing the following strategies: -Eating sugar with your meal: If you are… Read more »

A Professional Bleaching Treatment Can Remove Deep Stains from Your Teeth

When you consume dark foods and beverages, tiny particles can get trapped in the microscopic pores and textures of the tooth enamel. If these stains are not removed on a regular basis, they will gradually start to penetrate deeper into your teeth. This level of staining in your smile can be very difficult to remove…. Read more »

Periodontal Gum Disease Can Strike At Any Moment

The longer you ignore basic oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing, the greater the risk of developing gum disease. Even if your health is at a premium, the factors for developing the disease can come from all sorts of backgrounds. Periodontal gum disease can strike at any moment. Below are some of… Read more »

Halloween Treats: The 5 Candies that Can Harm Your Smile

As Halloween quickly approaches, your smile could be in grave danger, especially because of all the sugary treats and candy available. So, it’s important to take good care of your teeth and gums this Halloween holiday, and one way you can do that is by avoiding the Halloween treats that are harmful for your smile…. Read more »

How to Remove Plaque

One of the leading causes of dental health problems is plaque buildup. Left unchecked, it can turn into tartar, which leads to gingivitis. Obviously, it’s important to remove plaque from your teeth. The following tips are the effective ways Dr. recommends you employ to remove plaque. Always floss When you brush your teeth, you only… Read more »

Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

If you would like to improve the beauty of your smile, consider veneers in , . Dental veneers are thin shells that are custom made of tooth-colored materials. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. What issues to dental veneers fix? Drs. Mantoan, DiBenedetto, and Ararchi may recommend… Read more »