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What have you heard about cavities? Would you be surprised to hear that cavities are serious issues that you should have addressed as soon as you can? Have you heard that cavities are fairly common, or that many people have tooth decay without realizing it? While you should have a cavity filled as quickly as possible, do you know how you might recognize these issues?

In reality, there are a number of symptoms you should be aware of and there are several problems you might actually be able to see, including brown or black stains or a hole in one of your pearly whites. Still, pain is generally the first symptom you’ll identify because your back teeth are harder to clean, which means your back teeth will be more vulnerable to cavities. Since most cavities are in the back of your mouth, you might have a hard time noticing these more visible symptoms.

Again, please remember you should have tooth decay treated as soon as you possibly can. Cavities will keep spreading if you don’t have tooth decay filled, which means you might need more extensive treatments if you’re interested in protecting your teeth. If a cavity isn’t filled as quickly as it should be, you could eventually need to have root canal therapy.

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