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If you truly wish to be an oral hygiene superstar, you must take the steps necessary to protect your teeth from all threats. All the brushing and flossing in the world does not matter if you consistently put your teeth physically in harm’s way. Listed below are some risks that are often present in our everyday lives that you should avoid or exercise caution with:

– Bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco greatly increase our risks for tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer.
– If you play any contact sports, you probably are aware of how dangerous they can be. Always make sure to use the appropriate safety gear to not only protect your mouth and jaw from damage but also your overall health as well.
– Not all damage to your teeth is done by bacteria microscopically. The products we place in our mouths can harm use too, including pens and pen caps, as well as chewing on our nails.
– Some food and edibles may be a bit too hard on our teeth, resulting in cracks, fractures, split teeth, and chips. Some of these hazards include corn on the cob, hard candy apples, oversized candy canes, and ice.
– Many types of lip and mouth piercings are made of metal or a hard substance that can easily crack or chip your teeth. Additionally, they can break off and cause infections, gum damage, and even become choking hazards.
– Oral health disorders such as bruxism can wear down your teeth over time and cause tooth enamel damage. If you have bruxism, wear a night plate or bite guard.
– Be aware of how much sugar you are consuming. Excess amounts of sugar are extremely harmful to your teeth and gums because bacteria in our mouths can convert it into enamel-eating acids.
– Never open anything with your mouth, as this is an easy way to break your teeth or damage your gums.

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