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Are you tired of your dull, yellow teeth? If so, teeth whitening is the right treatment for you! With our help, you can have the brilliant smile you desire. Fortunately, we offer a treatment that can give you the results you want in the comfort of your own home!

First, you will visit Southland Smiles and meet with Dr. Richard Mantoan. During this appointment, your dentist will inspect your smile and determine how much whitening your teeth need. This process will help you achieve your desired results. Once the doctor knows how much whitening you need, he will create a customized mouth tray for you and give you the whitening gel and the instructions you need to have a successful treatment.

When you use the treatment at home, you will fill the tray with the recommended amount of whitening gel. Then, you will place the tray in your mouth and wait for as long as your dentist directs. When the time is up, you will take the tray out of your mouth and rinse. You will repeat these steps each day for about a month. By the time you are done, you should have the smile you want.

For more information on teeth whitening in Flossmoor, Illinois, or to start the whitening process, please call Southland Smiles at 708-794-4253 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Mantoan. We look forward to helping you have the beautiful smile you want!