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When you first receive dentures, you may feel happy that you have teeth once again which will help you chew food, speak clearly, and smile proudly. However, before you can do all of these things, your mouth will have to get used to having dentures. Your tongue and cheek muscles need to learn how to use the dentures, and here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Natural teeth chew food with an up and down motion while dentures do so with side to side movements. Eating will take some practice with dentures, so we suggest that you start with soft foods. Over time, you can move on to harder foods.
  • Your dentures will feel awkward when you first receive them, which may make speaking very difficult. Once again, practice is key to getting used to your dentures. Try to speak as much as you can with dentures, you may even want to read a book out loud to practice.
  • Though the upper set of your dentures should suction into your mouth, you may still have difficulty keeping them in until your cheek and tongue muscles learn how to do so. You can get a little extra help with this problem by using denture adhesives.

Please call Southland Smiles today for some more tips about how you can get used to wearing the dentures that restore your smile.