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Do you have teeth that have been compromised due to long-term problems such as cavities, tooth decay, chronic periodontal disease, or other dental problems? As a result of these oral issues, many of your teeth can be lost over time. This can alter the appearance of your smile, change the overall function of your mouth, and even damage your confidence. Fix it with dentures! This removable dental appliance is designed to replicate the presence and appearance of your original smile, restoring your proper oral function.

Dr. Richard Mantoan and our dental professionals here at Southland Smiles, want your smile to work when you speak, eat, chew, and give you the best appearance of your teeth. We may recommend extracting remaining teeth after your first examination to start the process of fitting you for complete dentures. These remaining teeth will be removed and your gums sutured.

An impression of your gums will then be made and sent to a dental lab. There, technicians will create your new set of complete dentures! While your gum tissues are healing, your dentist may provide you with a pain prescription and/or anti-inflammatory medication to help manage any discomfort. They may also include an antibiotics prescription for a course of treatment if your gums suffer from an infection.

The final steps of your new set of dentures is ensuring they fit comfortably and Dr. Richard Mantoan providing you with the necessary aftercare instructions to help your gums heal correctly. Call our Flossmoor, Illinois, office today by contacting Southland Smiles at 708-794-4253 today for an appointment or consultation. Get your best smile today!